looking for 3d avatar for streaming or just for fun?
maybe some art of your fave character or oc?


Hello I'm C, catfox Vtuber and digital artist.
I have done Vroid models since summer 2020.
I usually do digital art but now I have combined my skill of that to this!

art examples


starting prices: 40 / 50€


starting prices: 50 / 60 / 100€

half body

starting prices: 65 / 80 / 150€

full body

starting prices: 80 / 100 / 200€

ref sheet / character design / page

starting prices: 60 / 100 / 150€


starting prices: 30 / 60 / 100€

vroid examples

I have only done few models so far,
but I can create ears and tails, wings, custom clothes etc.
I use Unity to finish the model and add custom face sets.



Flat: 40 €
Cel shading: 50€
For extra character: +80%
Flat: 80 €
Cel shading: 100€
Painted: 200€
For extra character: +80%
Flat: 65 €
Cel shading: 80€
Painted: 150€
For extra character: +80%
Flat: 50 €
Cel shading: 60€
Painted: 100€
For extra character: +80%
2 chibis: 100€
2 busts: 150€
All prices will have commercial rights added on top if used so!
150€ and up
Price will always be customised to the order!
Simple: 60€
Fancy: 100€ and up
60€ and up
*Starting price is for nude simple design, outfit/hair/patterns/extras adds price depending of the complexity.
*Every added outfit/look design adds to final price
Simple: +30€
Semi detailed: +60€
Detailed: +100€ and up
For general art pieces credits are enough!
Character designs: 100-150% of the original price
PNG for steaming: 100-150% of the original price
This does not mean you are allowed to use general art as merch or in any other paid goods!
(meaning, if you gain money from the piece, it's not allowed without contacting me first)
If wanted to use as merch etc.
+150-200% of the original price


Full model: 150€ and up
Includes, vroid model, custom face sets, clothes and hair with rigging
Simple model: 100€ and up
Includes, vroid model, custom clothes and face sets
Waist up: 50€ and up
Includes, customised avatar from waist up
Hair: 35€ and up
Includes, custom hair with rigging
Credits are appreciated!
All models used for streaming will get 100-150% added to them of the original price

how to commission

You can either DM me on Twitter or send me an email!Before contacting me make sure you have read the price page !
I will assume you have read and understood my prices and that all listed prices are starting points and not finals!
I will need a reference and what you want all and all.
Pinterest board or any mood board with images is preferred.
As that will ensure we are both on the same page.
I will do a sketch that you get to approve before any payments.
After you have approved the sketch I will send you the final price
and will ask your PayPal to send the invoice.

© Untitled. All rights reserved.


Commissioning from me I assume you have read my price page and understood that listed prices are starting points and not final prices.Using my art for NFTs or to train AI is strictly forbidden!If I contact you and I hear nothing of you for a week, I will send a follow up message and if still nothing on your end, I will consider your order cancelled.Please let me know if you can't order for any reason and I will move to the next customer. Ghosting me will end you to my blacklist.

If you post the art, please tag me as the artist to the photo itself +to the post.
Will do:
○ Original characters
○ Girls and women
○ Animals
○ Characters from series
○ Super cute things♡
○ Furries
Will not do:
○ Mecha
○ Armour
○ Muscles
Will do, but am not best at:
○ Manly men
○ Effects, like holo and such